It has been awhile and I apologize. THings are
mucho busy around here. Well, not around HERE, as I’m currently in the hotel in
Martin, TN, but busy around HERE meaning Throwing Toasters Land. A major update
on all things Toasty will be forthcoming in the March Update which will be out
by Sunday (I PROMISE). I’ve been away from home for the past week. I actually
had only one full day at home and that was Monday. Last Tuesday I flew to
Atlanta for the APCA conference and to play some shows with my pal Carla
Ulbrich. Came home Sunday and then left Teusday (yesterday) to come here to

Martin, TN is a tiny
little town and it took me awhile to find it, but I did. It’ll be interesting
to see how the show goes here. I think it’ll go well.

I flew into Nashville and since I got
in early, after Irented my car, I decided there was one place I had to go check

Yep, went by the Grand Ole Opry! My Grandma
Donny would have been so proud.

I was there I realized there comes a point in every man’s life where he must
decide whether or not to spend $89 on a rhinestone cowboy shirt. I did

Talk to you soon.

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