I’m writing this as I fly back to
Burbank from my show at Texas A&M International University. What a great
show and super great folks. I have a few

Here’s my very spacious hotel room. Desk,
couch, two chairs, big bed and, of course, FREE

When I arrived in Laredo, the
student who picked me up handed me a BIG welcome

And in the

A TAMIU Water Bottle, a little book called
THE KING & I which is about Elvis impersonators because one of the women at
the college thought my promo picture looked as if I were an Elvis Impersonator,
a bag of trail mix, a tin of Family Guy mints, Godiva Chocolates and a deck of
clear, invisible playing cards (which are really cool and I’ve wanted some
forever! How did they know?

It was a
small crowd, but they were a fantastic crowd and I’ll gladly return there again!
Watch for the set list to be posted on the Forums soon!

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