Is anyone even reading this anymore? If not,
it’s no big deal, I understand I should update more often. So here’s a big mega

1. THE B.O.R.E.D. TOUR – If
you don’t know about this show, you’ve not been around much. This is THE comedy
music show of the year! – http://www.boredtour.com – We have about 15
tickets left. Do you have yours?

2. I
did get to meet Jimmy Hart finally!!! Really, I did. Here’s the

That’s me on the left, Jimmy on the right.
Unfortunately Rey Mysterio Jr snuck into the picture. Great! Oh well, I did
get to meet Jimmy.

U aired on Dr. Demento this week! So, why not go request it no here: http://www.clamhead.com/drdrequest.php Tell him
you want to hear THINGS I’D DO 4 U by Throwing

4. I know you want a new CD.
Things are in Dire Straits around here at TT HQ. No copies of ‘burnt’ left.
about 10 copies of CHROME and no cashola to print new stuff. I’m hoping this
summer to re-release ALVIN 4-4-3 (which will combine ALVIN & 4-4-3 on one
disc) and put out the Throwing Toasters Rare & Early stuff CD ZERO too.
We’ll see how it goes.

5. My life has
been consumed with – http://www.doctorfloyd.com Check it out and
you’ll see why.

As always, thanks for
the support! We will get those new CDs out…sometime!

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