I did a taping last night at the Ice House for
Sprint. Supposedly it’ll be something that people can watch on their
cellphones. Who knows if it’ll ever

My goal right now is to get the
repressed version of Alvin done. It’ll be Alvin 4-4-3 that’ll have all the
stuff from Alvin and then 4-4-3 on it. Hopefully that’ll allow me to start
rebuilding the funds needed to have ‘burnt: special edition”

I’ve actually thinking about
‘burnt’ a little. The show was recorded in one night. I did two sets that
night, different songs in each set. Then when I went to go make the CD, I
chopped up the order of the songs to make it. I was thinking for the special
edition, maybe I’ll just keep the two sets intact and put on everything that was
recorded that night, in the order it was recorded. It would be everything
except GUMMI BEARS, which I did play that night, but I’m not sure I want to have
to deal with Disney on the rights (and if I did put it on I would want to do
everything all proper like).

So what do
YOU the fans think of a new version of ‘burnt’ with a whole new track order? Or
should I keep the same track order and just put the new songs at the end of the
set? Hmmm maybe a poll is in order.

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