Yes, that’s right, I’m still around. Sorry for
the lack of updates. Things have just been busy in Dr. Floyd-land, but I’ve
still been doing shows all over the place. I’ve even been working on a tune or
two. We’ll see.

I’ve been really
inspired recently by listening to Steven Page’s new CD The Vanity Project it’s a really great CD and it shows what can be
done in a “basement” (or in Steven’s case) Barn recording studio. It also just
has some great songs on it. It’s actually been inspiring me to try to write
some “serious” songs. Last time I did that it was a disaster. We’ll

I recently did a bit of home
recording of a song for an upcoming Dr. Floyd episode! Wait till you hear it!
It’s pretty funny.

II was recently
contacted on working on a project of kids songs for a DVD. I’ll keep you posted
(not much to tell yet).

Also, have you
checked out Click on the iguana. You know you want to.
I’m looking into getting copies of the DVD that I can sell through the website.
I did get a copy of the DVD and it’s good. Unfortunately in the copy I saw my
last name is misspelled and there was one mis-credit, but hopefully it’ll be
fixed for the final version.

weekend i head down to Good Old Slo-Town to play at a High School Reunion. Not
mine, but these folks decided that the proper way to celebrate 20 years out of
High School was to have a little TT Rockin Goodness. I do get to to stay at the
Madonna Inn. Unfortunately the WHAT’S LEFT room was unavailable for my stay, so
I shall be in the Mount Vernon room.

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