Thanks to the folks who tuned into
Coffee & Cartooms yesterday. I was told it was the MOST requests/interaction
with the audience they’ve had. Whooo! It was a lot of fun. I would LoVE to have
a copy of the whole show, but if anyone out there has a copy of just the Dr.
Steve & Fidgert part I’d love to get a

I also hope folks
enjoyed the newer songs MY GOTH GIRLFRIEND and BROKE UP (The eBay song). I NEVER
get through BROKE UP without completely messing it up, so I think it’ll be
permenantly shelved. Maybe record a studio version of it and be done with

Kornflake really like My
Goth Girlfriend. I like it too. It’s a great song. It wouldn’t be nearly as cool
if not for Kevin’s help on that tune. I had the Chorus, but Kevin fleshed it
out. I think the only problem is Kevin would do a much better job on the vocals
than I would. I wonder how that tune would do in a live show. I’ll have to try

YOU is a tune I’ve been writing for awhile. I just played a snippet of it
yesterday after Rylee. The story behind that song is REALLY interesting and
doesn’t really have to do with Rylee.

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