So when we landed in New Hampshire last night the
pilot said, “Welcome to New Hampshire. The current temperature is…9.” I
said, “9?! 9?! 9 what?! 90?! 93?!” I was fine walking out of the airport.
I was like, “This ain’t so bad.” Then the first gust of wind hit. HOLY CRAP!!!
I have a metal case for my Treo 650 and this morning I called my mom to say hi
and the thing was sticking to my ear it was so

So I’m Staying at The Hotel New
. The Hotel did NOT inspire the Book /Movie , but the Movie/Book inspired the Hotel. They have a framed
letter in the lobby from John Irving, author, giving them permission to use the
name for the hotel.

Outside The Hotel New

I walked around downtown for
a bit. It’s a tiny downtown. Nice to see a place without a Starbucks or
McDonalds. After perusing some shops I decided to get some food and stopped
into a place called Wings Your Way which has to be the most perfect
restaurant for a college town. They serve wings and beer basically. I’m sure
they make a fortune.

I like when
establishments have mascots of the things they serve. Like this place serves
wings and their mascot is a chicken. So the little chicken guy, Willy, is everywhere. even on the back of the

Funny. But then you realize that someone
drew this and that person had to draw the little drop of pee. So I walked
around all downtown and then returned to the hotel. I'[m going to record a
Throwing Toasters Podcast now and run through
some songs for tonight’s show. I plan to record the show tonight and MAY be
able to broadcast it LIVE on Dementia Radio so tune in at 6PM Pacific (9 PM
Eastern) and see if I’m on. I’m hoping to video tape the show too and will try
to put a clip or two up on the website

In the meantime, you can find
me at the Hotel New Hampshire, watching the Flat Screen TV they have in every
room right next to the poster from the

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