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04/30/08 – The Ice House Annex – Pasadena, CA

The crowd was SO great tonight! They were into every comic and were fantastic laughers! It’s was also great to see my good friend Chris Valenti in the crowd who was there to see one of the other comics. Great night of the funny, funny!

Set 1

  • Bad Influence
  • Sometimes I Wonder

Set 2

  • SkrewU
  • What She Wants
  • Things I’d Do 4 U
  • Angela (Debbie)

Some Show Date Changes

Please note the following changes if you were planning on coming out to see some upcoming TT shows.

The May 7th and May 22nd dates at the Ice House have been cancelled due to other traveling.

A new date at the Ice House on April 30th has been added.

See the shows page for up to the date info!

Podcast #011 – I Wanna Be (Like Kato)

Ah yes, the summer of 1995. The O.J. Trial. Fodder for many a comedy song. Here’s one you’ve never heard and probably for very good reason. It’s pretty bad. But it is a bit of Throwing Toasters history, so here it goes out into the universe!

Again, this was recorded in my parent’s basement/room, back then called ‘Behind The Bar’ studios because I made the area behind the bar in that room into a vocal booth (which as you can tell by the quality did wonders for fidelity). All the music was done with MIDI on my MacSE and the vocals were recorded live and the same time as the music into my stereo tape deck.

Joining me on this tune are my good buddy from High School, Jason Roberts and a 12 year old Brandon Baciocco, the true singer in the family.

Fun huh? No, not really. Especially that “bridge.”

This tune was released on homemade tapes under the Head Hunter Country name.

04/16/08 – The Ice House Annex – Pasadena, CA

I recently bought a new toy. It’s a DigiTech Looper/Phrase Sampler. I bought it after seeing Boothby Graffoe use one on stage.

Anyway, with this new piece of equipment I’ve also been using a effects pedal and it has turned into more equipment I’ve got to lug around. Well, last night it became more equipment I have to make sure is plugged in! During my first set, even though it was plugged in, my guitar wouldn’t come through the sound system in the Annex. During soundcheck I did notice that check battery light was on, so I figured my battery had died. So my first set was played, truly, acoustically.

Immediately after my first set, I ran to the car and drove to the nearest store and bought a bunch of 9 volts and then high tailed it back to the show, replaced the battery and I was all good to go.

When I was introduced for my second set, I discovered that the reason there was no sound was because the cord between the effects pedal and the JamMan was unplugged, ironically enough, to conserve battery power on the effects pedal! Oy.

That aside, the show was great! Here’s the set list:

Set 1

  • Bad Influence
  • Mrs. Claus (sung while making mean glances to the man in the audience the M.C. pointed out bared a striking resemblance to Santa Claus)

Set 2

  • SkrewU
  • Things I’d Do 4 U
  • Carla (Debbie)

04/15/08 – The Improv – Ontario – Ontario, CA

This was a benefit show for the Trinity Children’s Foundation of America. Made the trek to Ontario with my good friend Michael Rayner who was also on the bill. Here’s the songs the crowd was treated to:

  • Bad Influence
  • Things I’d Do4 U
  • SkrewU
  • Beatrice (Debbie) – Yeah, that one’s a little hard to sing!

Tonight I’m back at my home away from home, The Ice House!

Podcast #010 – Lila – Live @ The Ice House – 04/10/08

Here’s a version of DEBBIE to a woman in the front row named Lila. Recorded live at the Ice House this past Thursday.

Cameo On Luke Ski’s Cover Of ‘The Chainsaw Juggler’

I’ve got a brief cameo in the great Luke Ski’s cover of the Four Postmen song ‘The Chainsaw Juggler’ in which I do my very best Stefan Marks impersonation. Check it out below…

Podcast #009 – Nicknames – Live @ The Ice House – 04/10/08

I discuss some of the problems I have with the ladies. Recorded live at the Ice House in Pasadena on April 10, 2008.

04/10/08 – The Ice House – Main Room – Pasadena, CA

The crowd was so great at this show. A little noisy after the voting, but that’s usually the case and I was able to swing them around. Did get to pull out O.Y.M.A. as the opener no less when some guy answered my opening question of ‘Are You Ready To Rock?!” with ‘I guess so’ or some such reply. I hope to get some video from this show, when I do, you’ll see it here.

Set 1

  • O.Y.M.A.
  • Bad Influence

Set 2

  • SkrewU
  • Things I’d Do 4 U
  • Lila (Debbie)