04/16/08 – The Ice House Annex – Pasadena, CA

I recently bought a new toy. It’s a DigiTech Looper/Phrase Sampler. I bought it after seeing Boothby Graffoe use one on stage.

Anyway, with this new piece of equipment I’ve also been using a effects pedal and it has turned into more equipment I’ve got to lug around. Well, last night it became more equipment I have to make sure is plugged in! During my first set, even though it was plugged in, my guitar wouldn’t come through the sound system in the Annex. During soundcheck I did notice that check battery light was on, so I figured my battery had died. So my first set was played, truly, acoustically.

Immediately after my first set, I ran to the car and drove to the nearest store and bought a bunch of 9 volts and then high tailed it back to the show, replaced the battery and I was all good to go.

When I was introduced for my second set, I discovered that the reason there was no sound was because the cord between the effects pedal and the JamMan was unplugged, ironically enough, to conserve battery power on the effects pedal! Oy.

That aside, the show was great! Here’s the set list:

Set 1

  • Bad Influence
  • Mrs. Claus (sung while making mean glances to the man in the audience the M.C. pointed out bared a striking resemblance to Santa Claus)

Set 2

  • SkrewU
  • Things I’d Do 4 U
  • Carla (Debbie)
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