Podcast #011 – I Wanna Be (Like Kato)

Ah yes, the summer of 1995. The O.J. Trial. Fodder for many a comedy song. Here’s one you’ve never heard and probably for very good reason. It’s pretty bad. But it is a bit of Throwing Toasters history, so here it goes out into the universe!

Again, this was recorded in my parent’s basement/room, back then called ‘Behind The Bar’ studios because I made the area behind the bar in that room into a vocal booth (which as you can tell by the quality did wonders for fidelity). All the music was done with MIDI on my MacSE and the vocals were recorded live and the same time as the music into my stereo tape deck.

Joining me on this tune are my good buddy from High School, Jason Roberts and a 12 year old Brandon Baciocco, the true singer in the family.

Fun huh? No, not really. Especially that “bridge.”

This tune was released on homemade tapes under the Head Hunter Country name.

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