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AlFest 2009 DVD is here!


So you missed ALFest back on August 1st did you? You know the big “Weird Al” Yankovic fan convention? Or maybe you DID attend and you just want to relive the magic? Either way you’re now covered thanks to the AlFest 2009 DVD that’s available RIGHT now at! We haven’t seen the DVD yet but we’re told there’s a heaping helping of Throwing Toasters on there!

From the website:
…videographer Jon Katz has put together an awesome AL FEST dvd! It’s actually a 2-DVD set! 4 hours of AL FEST goodness, and it is for sale now at the bargain price of $27 + $3 shipping/handling.

Get yours today! If you’re a true Throwing Toasters fan, this is a MUST HAVE!