Throwing Toasters @ MarsCon 2010

Yes, it’s True! Throwing Toasters will be making their long awaited debut at MarsCon 2010!

March 5-7, 2010
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
Bloomington, MN

MarsCon is home to the largest gathering of funny music artists in the world and the planets have aligned and TT will be there! I would list all the act that’ll be there, but it would fill this whole page. So what you need to do is check out this link to the MARSCON DEMENTIA TRACK SCHEDULE and see what I’m talking about.

Back? Good. Now the big question is will YOU be there? Of COURSE you will be! Clicky, clicky for REGISTRATION INFO and again for HOTEL INFO and we’ll see you there!

Want to find out what the MarsCon Dementia Track is all about and help us get all the way from California to Minnesota? Check out this AMAZING fundraiser 3 CD SET (which is also available in a handy pocket sized DOWNLOAD form)! Picking up a copy will do three things…

1. Make you laugh.
2. Help us get to MarsCon.
3. Save the world.*

So go pick up a copy or 8 today and then we’ll see you in Minnesota in March!

*okay, maybe only two things, but you never know!

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