Coming to MarsCon – Everything (almost)

We’ve been told it’s tradition to have a new CD release when you play MarsCon. Well, you know us we gave up on CDs awhile ago and have just been putting our music up for download here at the site. Still, the peer pressure was too great and we are planning to bring 100 CDs to MarsCon.

However, these will not be your regular CDs. These will be Data CDs with MP3 files on them that you put into your computer and then drag the files into your MP3 playing application of choices (ex. iTunes). Some modern CD players can handle even handle these CDs and play the MP3’s directly from it (the CD player in Grant’s baseline 2007 Saturn plays them perfectly).

The great thing about this is exactly how much you can put on one disc! That’s why we’re calling it Everything (almost)!

On the CD you’ll get…

  • Alvin
  • Alvin The Definitive Edition
  • burnt
  • burnt – The Master Recordings – The ENTIRE concert including unreleased tracks!
  • Songs In The Key Of GWF
  • 6 Live concerts!
  • Tracks form the Throwing Toasters Podcast
  • Unreleased tracks including early Headhunter Country material (ugh) and even, yes, O.Y.M.A.!

The new disc will debut at MarsCon. If there are any left, we’ll put them up for sale here! We’re still deciding on price but it’ll probably be between $5 and $10! How much of a deal is that?!

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