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03/22/10 – Cartoon Dump – Los Angeles, CA – Set List

Frank Conniff and Erica Doering run a great show at the Steve Allen Theatre with Jerry Beck who shows some of the WORST cartoons you’ve seen! The crowd was so much fun and this was a great show! Here’s what was played:


03/20/10 – Actor’s Art Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – Set List

A great time was had at Ed Crasnik’s Self-Help Hootenanny! Special thanks to Jolene & Grady who run the theatre and to Vanessa, Leslee and Matt who all showed up to rock out! Here’s what was played…


That’s it! :)

More MarsCon Video!

More video from MarsCon!

One Meatball

Bad Influence

Mrs. Claus

SkrewU – I LOVE this because you can hear the audience singing along!

Gummi Bears

N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)

Grandma’s Song

What She Wants

Back On The Couch This Saturday!

Join us!

Throwing Toasters To Play Cartoon Dump!


On Monday, March 22, 2010, Throwing Toasters will be performing as part of Cartoon Dump! If you live in Los Angeles and you’ve not checked out this show, you are missing out! You will seem some of the VERY WORST cartoons you’ve ever seen in your life, bookended by hilarious sketches featuring Frank Conniff, Erica Doering, J. Elvis Weinstein and Jerry Beck! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something about yourself and you’ll get to hear a song or two by Throwing Toasters!

For more information visit our Tour Dates page or go straight to the source at

Bad Influence Cover!

While at MarsCon we met a gentleman named Max DeGroot who asked if he could cover BAD INFLUENCE. Of course we said yes and now you can hear the result here…

We think it came out great! Thanks Max!

Live @ MarsCon Download Is Here!

With very special thanks to Blacksmith, WildCard and the rest of the staff of Dementia Radio, we proudly present…


As always you can name your own price for this over thirty minute long clive concert or you can download it for free. The choice is in your hands! Either way, enjoy!

Download it for FREE here –

marscon TITLE: Live @ MarsCon 2010 – Bloomington, MN
RELEASED: March 2010
TRACK LISTING: 1. Bad Influence 2. Mrs. Claus 3. 3:10 To Minnesota 4. SkrewU 5. Joint Filing 6. Gummi Bears 7. N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song) 8. Making Grandma Sing 9. Grandma’s Song 10. What She Wants 11. Wedding Pictures/Japan 12. Our Love Is Like 13. Wrapping Things Up/Awkwardness 14. Ellen 15. Switching Cables (Dementia Smackdown) 16. Dead Skunk (Dementia Smackdown)
ALBUM NOTES: Recorded March 6, 2010 at MarsCon in Bloomington, MN. Tracks 15 & 16 Recorded March 7, 2010 as part of the Dementia Smackdown. Special thanks to the great Luke Ski, MarsCon, Blacksmith, WildCard and the staff of Dementia Radio.

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MarsCon Video

The first video has come in from MarsCon. This was the closing of my set. Thanks Jared!

Everything (almost) Now Available!

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It’s only $15 (including shipping) to folks in the U.S. and only $1 more to everywhere else! There’s only a limited run of 100 for this pressing, so get your copy now! Almost a third of them are gone already!

Listen To The MarsCon Concert LIVE!!

So tomorrow…5PM Central (4PM Mountain/ 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastern) tune into Dementia Radio to listen to the Throwing Toasters set from MarsCon! Free! It’ll be like being here!

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