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After GLOBAL WARNING aired on Dr. Demento last weekend I got to thinking about stats. Using the super cool Demented Music Database, I checked in to se how many times Throwing Toasters has been played on Dr. Demento. Total, including GLOBAL WARNING, is 69 times! Then someone asked if that was individual songs or were some repeated. I wish I was prolific enough to have written 69 different songs, but no, some were repeated. Here’s the list of songs played by Dr. Demento over the years (in random order):

Global Warning – Throwing Toasters
Girl (You Can Feed My Hamster) – Throwing Toasters
The R.A. Song – Throwing Toasters
Things I’d Do 4 U – Throwing Toasters
Rainbow’s End (The Generic Irish Song) – Throwing Toasters
Patrick The Spoiler – Throwing Toasters
Mrs. Claus – Throwing Toasters
N.R.L. (The Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song) – Throwing Toasters
Bad Influence – Throwing Toasters
Debbie (burnt version) – Throwing Toasters
Living @ Home – Throwing Toasters
Debbie (Alvin version) – Throwing Toasters
Grandma’s Song – Throwing Toasters
Debbie – Throwing Toasters
Sometimes (I Wonder) – Throwing Toasters
V.P. Blues (The Gig-A-Pet Song) – Throwing Toasters
Money In My Pocket – Throwing Toasters
I Really Like Potatoes – Head Hunter Country

Debbie is on there twice, but it was two different versions. In fact, it may have been three different versions of Debbie played, but I’m not 100% sure. So I just left on two. Also I Really Like Potatoes is on there, which was a Head Hunter Country song, but those in the know, know that Head Hunter Country is ‘The Quarrymen’ of Throwing Toasters history.

Out of the songs above, 7 of them have made it onto the Dr. Demento Funny Five and two have made the big year end Funny 25 Countdown:

Debbie – Funny Five three times – Peaked at #5
Debbie (burnt version) – Funny FIve twice – Peaked at #3
Bad Influence – Funny Five five times – Peaked at #2 – Also #8 on Funny 25 year end countdown.
N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)- Funny Five six times – Peaked at #1 – Also #7 on Funny 25 year end countdown.
Mrs. Claus – Funny Five three times – Peaked at #2
Patrick The Spoiler – Funny Five twice – Peaked at #4
Girl (You Can Feed My Hamster) – Funny Five once – Peaked at #5

What’s the point of all this? Nothing really, just like stats. Will GLOBAL WARNING be added to the 7 songs in the Funny Five (Actually Top Ten now)? Depends on your requests! Take a moment to request GLOBAL WARNING by THROWING TOASTERS on Dr. Dement here –

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