GLOBAL WARNING is the #3 most requested comedy song for 2011!

Today Dr. Demento released his annual FUNNY 25 for 2011 that counts down the top 25 most requested comedy songs of the year. We’re happy to report that GLOBAL WARNING by Throwing Toasters came in at #3! Here’s the top 5 songs for 2011:

#5 Perform This Way – “Weird Al” Yankovic
#4 Four Chords – Axis Of Awesome
#3 Global Warning – Throwing Toasters
#2 If I Could Be Weird Al – Moneyshot Cosmonauts
#1 Snoopy The Dogg – the great Luke Ski

This makes GLOBAL WARNING THE highest charting Throwing Toasters song of ALL TIME and it’s all thanks to YOU, the rabid Throwing Toasters fans! Huge thanks to Dr. Demento for keeping comedy music alive! If you’d like to hear the Funny 25 for 2011, head on over to Dr. Demento’s streaming site at:

Happy New Year everybody! GO GREEN!

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