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Coming mid to late February or early March at the latest, a brand new (sort of) Throwing Toasters CD. There have been many more Throwing Toasters gigs as of late and what I’ve learned is that people want CDs. The Everything (almost) MP3 CDs sell, but people still want CDs. So I figured what I’d do is create one CD with all the Throwing Toasters ‘favorites’ on it, plus a few ‘previously unreleased’ songs, so that I could sell them at shows.

Here’s the track list (subject to change):

01. N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)
02. Rainbow’s End (The Generic Irish Song)
03. Bad Influence
04. Girl (You Can Feed My Hamster)
06. The R.A. Song
07. Mrs. Claus
08. Hip Chick
09. SkrewU
10. Sometimes I Wonder
11. Things I’d Do 4 U
12. Debbie (New Millenium Version)
13. Patrick The Spoiler (Live)
14. Grandma’s Song (Live)
15. Living @ Home (Live)
16. New Hampshire (Live)
17. Online Love (Live) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ‘burnt’ VERSION
18. Debbie (Live)
19. Cheese Enough
20. I Really Like To Eat Potatoes – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD – (and when you hear it you’ll know why)

What do you think? Any glaring omissions? You may have time to sway me as the CD won’t be finalized for another day or so.

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