Limited Edition Pre-Order Throwing Toasters – Favorites

Since several people have asked, we’ve decided to open up LIMITED pre-orders for Throwing Toasters – Favorites. Please note we’re still a few weeks away from release, but if you want to pre-order now you can. We’re looking to have the CDs by mid February. Pre-order is open only to the first 20 copies of the new CD!

People who pre-order will receive:
– The new CD FIRST! The moment the CDs arrive from the plant, they’ll be shipped out to those who pre-ordered before being shipped to retailers (CD Baby, Amazon) and before being put up for sale here on
– A discount on the CD. The CD will sell for $14.99 plus shipping. Those who pre-order get it for $10.00 plus shipping.
– People who pre-order get their CD personally autographed by the WHOLE band! Yes, Dirk, “Musty” and Timmy will sign it too.
– Within 24 hours of placing your pre-order, you will be emailed a MP3 of GLOBAL WARNING, the #3 most requested song on the Dr. Demento show for 2011.

PRE-ORDER today because this special LIMITED pre-order session is only open to the first 20 copies of the CD sold. Once the CDs have shipped from the plant, pre-orders will be closed.

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