2014 Advent Calendar Update

Hey everybody!  Been thinking a lot about the 2014 calendar.

Wait, what?! It’s not even Halloween yet and I am are already thinking about the Advent Calendar? Yes.  In fact, it’s something I think about all year.  I always have my mind churning over possible ideas for future Advent Calendar episodes and, apparently, I’m not alone.  Inevitably, in August or September, someone will email me asking if there will be an Advent Calendar that year.  This year it happened in September.

So, just in case you were worried, yes, there will be a 2014 edition of Grant’s Advent Calendar.  I already have some fun ideas I hope I can pull off for this year and I hope you will go along for the ride.  Since doing this every year since 2003, it has become the Christmas tradition that I look forward to the most.  Although, presents are a close second.

Just like in past year, the Advent Calendar will be brought to you 100% free every single day, December 1 through December 25.  Because people have asked, I have now come a way that folks can support the podcast if they choose to.

Grant’s Advent Calendar is produced by my production company called Saturday Morning Media and now, Saturday Morning Media has a Patreon page where people can make donations to help produce the show.  Confused?  Well here, I’ll let Uncle Interloper and Pasquale explain…

So there you have it.  If you’d like to support Grant’s Advent Calendar, feel free to make a donation on the patron page at http://www.patreon.com/saturdaymorningmedia

Your donation will help make Grant’s Advent Calendar even better.  I have some many ideas I’ve wanted to do over the years, but budget has prevented them.  With you’re help we can make this the best Advent Calendar year yet!

Once again, I do want to make clear, you don’t have to pay to see Grant’s Advent Calendar.  It’ll still be posted here daily, by midnight, just like it has in past years.  Those subscribed to the podcast will still get episodes like they always have.  The only new thing is that people who want to support the show can do so via Patreon and get some goodies in return.

Well, that’s it for now.  I need to get to work on the promos for 2014.

2013 Wrap Up – Pick A Favorite!

Well, it’s that lazy week between Christmas and New Years. A time to look towards the new year ahead and a time to look back at the year behind us. And, while it is still fresh in our nog filled noggins, a time to look back at the past Advent Calendar season and attempt to pick a favorite. So tell me, dear watcher, which was your favorite? (If you just can’t decide, you can choose more than one.)

Day 1 – Bob Baker Marionette Theatre w/ Santa
Day 2 – Advent Binder
Day 3 – Advent Stew
Day 4 – Universal Studios
Day 5 – An apology
Day 6 – Broken window
Day 7 – Prerecorded computer voice
Day 8 – Championship Wrestling from Hollywood with James “Main Event” Morgan
Day 9 – A.D.V.E.N.T. Space 10 – Robotic space arm opening
Day 10 – Flat Grantley Contest begins
Day 11 – Tooba from Goon Holler!
Day 12 – The Amazing green screen suit!
Day 13 – Mystery Advent Theatre 3000
Day 14 – Michael Rayner juggles the contents of door 14!
Day 15 – Advent Laundry Room Hoedown IV
Day 16 – Sleepwalking
Day 17 – Cave Explorer
Day 18 – All tied up
Day 19 – Mike Bennett Art
Day 20 – Flat Grantley contest announcement
Day 21 – The Advent Clown
Day 22 – Group Advent Opening with BreakManZ, Olivia, Princess Scientist and Wheeler
Day 23 – Dad via FaceTime
Day 24 – Granta Claus
Day 25 – Christmas!
So, which one was your favorite?
Some of my personal favorites this year were…
  • Day 15 – The Advent Hoedown (I love that group of people, some of my very best friends.)
  • Day 11 – Tooba! Loved having Tooba on the show. 
  • Day 20 – The contest announcement – the sheer number of entries was mind boggling. 
  • Day 23 – Dad via FaceTime – Due to work I wasn’t able to make it to Burlingame things year, so it was very fun having Dad involved via technology.
My least favorite was, of course, Day 6 – the broken window.  But at least I got an Advent Calendar out of it.
When i start every year, I feel that I won’t have enough ideas to fill all 25 days. This year I was amazed how ideas fell into place. I actually wound up not using a bunch of ideas that I came up with before December 1. That’s fine. More ideas for next year!  And, just today, I came up with a reoccurring idea for next year.  Got to make sure I get it in the binder.
Brian Greer, on Twitter, suggested we should start sir t of a Hall Of Fame, Where certain episodes are put into a sort of ‘Hall Of Fame’ as some of the best from the entire history of the Advent Calendar.  Which poses another question.  If you could only pick one episode from all the years of the Advent Calendar to go into this ‘Hall of Fame,’ which one would you pick?
Not sure tI’ll ever do a hall of fame, at least until there is 10 years of video, but it’s fun to think about.
Thanks again for another fun year!


Grant’s Advent Calendar 2013 Video Podcast – Day #22

Today, I get to open my Advent Calendar with all my pals!  Join me and Olivia, BreakManZ, Princess Scientist & Wheeler as we open my Advent Calendar.  THIS IS AN EDITED VERSION!  To watch the entire show where ALL the calendars were opened, watch the video below:


‘Christmas Brought Me You’ By Jody Whitesides – Buy The Album or Download it From iTunes!

©2013 Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media

Grant’s Advent Calendar 2013 Video Podcast – Day #20 – CONTEST WINNER!

Today’s the day I reveal the winner of the 2013 Flat Grantley contest as determined by the Advent Calendar Commission!  a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered!  Big congratulations to the winner!


‘Christmas Brought Me You’ By Jody Whitesides – Buy The Album or Download it From iTunes!

©2013 Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media