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Throwing Toasters interview on

Here’s an interview from October 31, 2011 where Throwing Toasters was interviewed on Special thanks to Mindy Lockhart and Randelle Shakes for asking me to be on the show!

Podcast #15 – What She Wants – Live @ Kahnmanapalooza 2008

Here’s a live recording of the most recent song I’ve written called What She Wants. Most recent, heh, I think it’s already 2 years old. Anyway, here it is from the Kahnmanapalooza. I have my whole set recorded thanks to super fan Dancing Buddah! I will get it up in the live music section as soon as I’m done editing and tagging it! Enjoy!

Podcast #14 – SkrewU – Live @ B.O.R.E.D. Tour 2003

Here’s a Throwing Toasters favorite recorded at the B.O.R.E.D. Tour in 2003. Remember the B.O.R.E.D. Tour? Yeah, those were fun weren’t they? Anyway, here you go, free mp3 for y’all! And why not leave a review for this unique (though woefully under updated) podcast on iTunes?

Elizabeth By Throwing Toasters – LIVE @ N.A.C.A. West

The R.A. Song – LIVE @ N.A.C.A. West

Podcast #011 – I Wanna Be (Like Kato)

Ah yes, the summer of 1995. The O.J. Trial. Fodder for many a comedy song. Here’s one you’ve never heard and probably for very good reason. It’s pretty bad. But it is a bit of Throwing Toasters history, so here it goes out into the universe!

Again, this was recorded in my parent’s basement/room, back then called ‘Behind The Bar’ studios because I made the area behind the bar in that room into a vocal booth (which as you can tell by the quality did wonders for fidelity). All the music was done with MIDI on my MacSE and the vocals were recorded live and the same time as the music into my stereo tape deck.

Joining me on this tune are my good buddy from High School, Jason Roberts and a 12 year old Brandon Baciocco, the true singer in the family.

Fun huh? No, not really. Especially that “bridge.”

This tune was released on homemade tapes under the Head Hunter Country name.

Podcast #010 – Lila – Live @ The Ice House – 04/10/08

Here’s a version of DEBBIE to a woman in the front row named Lila. Recorded live at the Ice House this past Thursday.

Podcast #009 – Nicknames – Live @ The Ice House – 04/10/08

I discuss some of the problems I have with the ladies. Recorded live at the Ice House in Pasadena on April 10, 2008.

Podcast #008 – Free Song – I Really Like To Eat Potatoes

Okay gang, here it is. The earliest Throwing Toasters recording around (and actually it was released as a Head Hunter Coutnry song). I REALLY LIKE TO EAT POTATOES

This was recorded sometime around, oh I’d say the summer of 1995, in the basement room of my parent’s house in Burlingame, CA. The music was all done on a MacSE and all vocals were recorded live with a radio shack mic going directly into my parent’s stereo system at the same time as the music.

Believe it or not, this song was actually played on the Dr. Demento show. He wisely edited down the 56 second song to about 45 or so. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since then. I do feel it has a sort of ‘Barnes & Barnes’ quality to it. Mmmmm….maybe not.

Yes, this does mean I’m digitizing all my old stuff, so look forward to more in the future. Or dread it. Me, I’m dreading it.

Podcast #007 – Free Song – Halloween Night

Now, the smart person would probably hang on and release this in Halloween, but if there’s one thing around here we’re not is smart. Also, it’s pretty tacky to do a parody of your own song, but if Carla Ulbrich can do it, so can Throwing Toasters.

Anyway, this was written and recorded in 2005 to send to a radio station for a Halloween song contest. It didn’t win. But now YOU win because you get it here. For free. Trick or treat!