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This Week In Comedy Videos!

Thanks to the fine folks at This Week In Comedy for the fun show last night! Great fun hanging with host Ed Crasnick and rocking out for Wendy Liebman and Judy Gold!

Here’s what was played:

OUR LOVE IS LIKE – Ed’s request
SKREWU – fan request!

Miss the show? Don’t feel bad, now you can watch the songs or the whole thing! Check out the videos below!

This Week In Comedy Video

Here’s the video for This Week In Comedy. TT segment begins at about 16 mins.

Short Grant directed.

Not really TT related other than Grant directed this short for The Jim Henson Company.

Rockin’ With Red

Some audience video of the Free Comic Book Day event with Red Fraggle.

Fraggle Rock Theme

The Friendship Song

Dead Skunk Take II

Same song. Different view.

Dead Skunk

From MarsCon

More MarsCon Video!

More video from MarsCon!

One Meatball

Bad Influence

Mrs. Claus

SkrewU – I LOVE this because you can hear the audience singing along!

Gummi Bears

N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)

Grandma’s Song

What She Wants

MarsCon Video

The first video has come in from MarsCon. This was the closing of my set. Thanks Jared!

The Awesomeness…

In case you missed it…

Here’s my ‘live performance’ at the WOWAY Awards at the World of Weird Al Yankovic Fan Forums.